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Why you need to have Professional Insulation Installed?

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    Insulation protects your home from outside elements and increases comfort inside your home. It offers a double-sided barrier to keep outside temperatures from affecting indoor comfort, and keeps indoor heating and cooling from escaping. This significantly lowers your energy bills and increases the energy efficiency of your home. There are many different options for home insulation, but whichever you choose, you can be sure you are increasing the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

    With quality insulation installed by our team of expert professionals, you can ensure your home is performing at maximum efficiency, affordability, and comfort!

    Energy Efficiency

    Did you know an uninsulated home can lose up to 60% of heating and cooling through walls, floors, attic and windows? Since heating and cooling comprises 54% of the average family’s utility bill, that means high bills and uncomfortable houses. Proper insulation supplies a two-way barrier between your house and the outdoors, keeping your energy bills low, your home energy-efficient, and your family comfortable!

    Re-Insulating After a Wildlife Invasion

    If animals have recently made their home in your home, chances are your insulation has been compromised. Animals refuse, such as droppings, nesting materials, and parasites, can get into your insulation, making it matted, less effective, and capable of transmitting harmful airborne parasites or diseases through the air. If you’ve recently had an animal removed from your house, call GA Insulation to inspect your insulation and recommend any repairs or replacement areas to keep your home in good shape. We offer both partial repairs and full replacements. Whatever the job calls for, our team will remove soiled insulation following safety guidelines, dispose of it ourselves, and install quality new insulation that is treated to discourage animal re-invasion.

    Are You a Wildlife Control Company Looking For Insulation Services?

    GA Insulation is also proud to partner with wildlife control specialists as an insulation subcontractor. We offer special rates and packages for our friends in the wildlife control industry, and can also provide training to your team to streamline the job and make your business run smoothly. Contact us today to find out about our subcontractor services for wildlife control companies.

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