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    Re-Insulating after a wildlife invasion

    If squirrels, rodents, or other wildlife have recently made your home their home, chances are your insulation has been compromised. Animal refuse, such as urine, scat, and nesting materials soil your insulation, making it matted, less effective, and extremely unsanitary. We offer both partial repairs and full replacements. Whatever your unique situation requires, Georgia Insulation has a solution! Our team can remove soiled insulation following safety guidelines, provide proper disposal and clean-up, sanitize affected areas, and install quality new insulation to any R-Value you select. Call Georgia Insulation today! We offer a free inspection with written recommends for any repairs or replacements needed to keep your home sanitary and properly insulated.

    Insulation Contract Services for Wildlife Control Companies

    Georgia Insulation is also proud to partner with wildlife control specialists as an insulation subcontractor. We offer special rates and packages for our friends in the wildlife control industry, and can also provide training to your team to streamline the job and make your business run smoothly. Contact us today to find out about our subcontractor services for wildlife control companies.