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    GA Insulation Atlanta provides a variety of insulation options which include spray foam home insulation. Whatever your needs, we offer high-quality, industry-leading insulation products and tools to keep your home efficient and comfortable. Call our experienced and qualified team in Atlanta for a free consultation and inspection of your home. We will give you recommendations for the best insulation solution to suit your needs.

    Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an effective insulation material that is also highly sustainable. SPF is a spray-applied plastic liquid that expands into a foam on contact, which creates an air-sealing barrier on walls, roofs, in corners, and even small hard-to-reach cracks.

    There are substantial advantages to insulating with spray foam.

    SPF is an excellent barrier against heating/cooling transfer. Because of its excellent ability to seal gaps and cracks and prevent energy loss, it can be a great cost-saver as it reduces the energy output. If you’re thinking about the cost to spray foam insulation, you should mainly take into account the great amount money of you will be saving on your energy bills in the long run.

    In winter, the protection from the cold that insulation provides is a shield for the heat escaping your house. In a similar way, insulation also gives good protection from the heat coming into your house in the summer, and if you have air conditioning, it’s a protection against cool escaping. So not only will it save you money in the winter and keep you warm, it will save you money in the summer and keep you cool. At the same time, spray foam insulation also decreases carbon footprint of your house.

    For these reasons, you might want to consider layering the outside of your house such as your roof, your attic, your walls and your basement, with even a thin layer of spray foam insulation.

    With GA Insulation quality services provided by our expert spray foam technicians, you can ensure your home is performing at maximum efficiency, affordability, and comfort. Contact GA Insulation Atlanta for a free spray foam quote today!

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