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Get A Tax Rebate For Our Insulation Services In Gainesville, GA & Surrounding Areas

Possible Tax Rebates With Insulation Home Upgrades

Increase energy efficiency and save money! Federal and state tax incentives exist to receive rebates when making energy-efficient upgrades in your home. Power companies also offer a wide variety of financial savings through rebates, incentives, and loans to encourage homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

Georgia Insulation can assist you with securing rebates or loans for installing insulation. Our high-grade insulation products and industry-leading professional team will help your home make the grade for energy savings opportunities through your power company.

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As an industry leader in high-efficiency insulation services, Georgia Insulation can assist you with contacting your power company and getting you approved for available rebates or loans, saving you significant money and, of course, increasing the comfort of your home!

Click below to learn more about savings options for increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Save big, care for the environment, and stay cozy. At Georgia Insulation, we call that the Comfortably Southern way!

How To Save Money With Georgia Insulation

Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program

As the most significant energy provider in the state, Georgia Power offers a competitive rebate package for various energy performance upgrades. Georgia Insulation can help you qualify for significant savings when you install high-quality, energy-saving insulation. Find out more about Georgia Power’s rebate program here.

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Save Money On Your Taxes

The Federal Inflation Reduction Act (Sec 25C) is an excellent way to save money on taxes! The tax credit equals up to 30% (Up to $1200) of the homeowner’s pay for qualified energy efficiency upgrades, such as insulation. You can also find other tax rebates offered for energy-efficient upgrades in Georgia on the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency, linked here.

Save up to $1,200

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